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Cobalt & Indigo


Katherine Glenday, Charmaine Haines, Sarah Walters, Kate van Putten, Clementina van der Walt, Alistair Blair, Antoinette du Plessis, Tania Babb, John Shirley, Gaby Snyman, Kim Sacks, Heidi Beyers, Marjorie Wallace, Dale Lambert, Helen Vaughan, Shelley Maisel, Martin Haines, Eylene Clifford, Christina Bryer, Andrew Walford, Sandy Godwin

Fiber & Textiles

Gina Niederhumer, Carole Paxton, Keiskamma Art Project, An Exceptional Collection of Old African Textiles, Hand-Woven and Indigo Dyed, Wrapt Knitware – Hannelie Bekker, Basket Ware from Rwanda


Maia Levan Lehr-Sacks

OPENING: Saturday, 18th November 2023 ~ 10 am – 5 pm
PREVIEW: Friday, 17th September 2023 ~ 10 am – 5 pm

Refreshments will be served on the opening day.
There will be an informal conversation with some of the artists at 2.30 pm on the day the exhibition opens.

All work on the exhibition will be for sale.
We ship worldwide.

We will be posting conversations and talks about the pieces exhibited in this exhibition on our social media platforms regularly.

A Tribute Marjorie Wallace 1957 -2023

I would also like to use this exhibition to pay homage to a very special person, in our clay community, who passed away earlier this year in Zimbabwe.

I have personally felt a huge loss from her departure. I represented her work in my gallery, since 2016, and over these years we developed a really special relationship. She just loved Blue. Making Blue and White ceramics, Indigo cloths, and Blue.

The sacred nature of it.

She spent many of her last years making exquisitely fine pieces, that would enrich people’s daily lives. I think ultimately that’s what this clay journey is all about for so many of us. Just sharing the joy from the pieces that come from our hearts, into our hands, and into the hands of the final users of these humble exceptional pieces.

Marjorie, Thank You for being. You enriched my life and shared so much with me.

You live on in the work you made, and your words and thoughts, which are scattered like seeds all over the world.

Hope that wherever you are, you’re dancing with clay and reading good books.

There are 5 vessels by Marjorie in this exhibition. They are the last 5 pieces that she sent me before her passing. They are beautiful. Worth seeing.

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