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Cobalt & Indigo


Katherine Glenday, Charmaine Haines, Sarah Walters, Kate van Putten, Clementina van der Walt, Alistair Blair, Antoinette du Plessis, Tania Babb, John Shirley, Gaby Snyman, Kim Sacks, Heidi Beyers, Marjorie Wallace, Dale Lambert, Helen Vaughan, Shelley Maisel, Martin Haines, Eylene Clifford, Christina Bryer, Andrew Walford, Sandy Godwin

Fiber & Textiles

Gina Niederhumer, Carole Paxton, Keiskamma Art Project, An Exceptional Collection of Old African Textiles, Hand-Woven and Indigo Dyed, Wrapt Knitware – Hannelie Bekker, Basket Ware from Rwanda


Maia Levan Lehr-Sacks

Previous Exhibitions

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