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House and Leisure did a wonderful article on my spaces in Johannesburg at the end of 2018. Celebrating the City of Gold. I loved the notion of celebrating the good in Jozi. A city that I have lived in for most of my life. I like this little clip… very relaxed, showing the studio/workshop and how it lives on a day-to-day basis. The joy that people get from being there and exploring working with clay in its different ways.

Having worked with clay for more than 40 years, I feel very strongly that there are many components that contribute to a highly personal, and passionate, working relationship with clay. It is obviously learning the “Craft of Clay” – the techniques which enable us to reach our goals in terms of what we want to create.

There is also another part of the creative process – the deeply creative and personal aspect of being able to tap into what we have in our “unconscious creative selves” that I deem to be very significant. To be able to tap into those innate gifts of creativity that we each have, to find a positive, and satisfying path with clay in this sense has huge and equal importance for me.

I hold part-time classes, in the mornings, and occasionally I also run weekend workshops and special “Clay-Journeys”. I teach adults and children. I also cater for people with disabilities.

If you are not permanently based in Johannesburg or even if you live out of the country and are interested in a short, intense block of tuition, please contact me. I have no limits to what is potentially possible, with regard to working with clay.

Throwing, Handwork, and Sculpture. The Craft of learning to decorate clay is very exciting and has many aspects that we explore. Glazes, Slips, the notion of “Naked-Clay” and many more areas are worked with.

There is a comprehensive library of Ceramic Literature. A fantastic museum collection of African Ceramics, which is housed at the School.

Most of the regular classes are taught by Kim, but it is not uncommon to have “guest” teachers – who are specialists in their specific areas – who come and run workshops and classes in areas where their experience is valued and respected.

We have electric and raku kilns. We also explore surface treatments such as sawdust firing etc.


My classes currently will continue at my Yeoville school until we move into our new building in September or October of this year 2021.

Currently, I offer a morning class, at my Yeoville School, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30 to 12.30.

Beginners and advanced students are welcome to attend these classes. Each student is taught individually, within a group of students at different levels of proficiency. I find this a constructive way of teaching, as the beginners are in an environment of people doing many different techniques and styles. In this way, immersing ourselves in this practice we learn from more experienced, and often vice versa. There is always something to learn and reflect on. We not only bring our ceramic skills or a lack thereof, but we bring ourselves, with so much to share, and distil among the various people in the workshop. It makes for a fabulous mix of creativity and input.


In September/October of 2021 we will move from our premises for the last 34 years, to a new building, behind my current gallery in Parkwood, Johannesburg. This will certainly be a new volume, more than a new chapter for myself, having worked with clay and crafts for most of my life.

The new space is a double story building, a Craft School, offering courses, day workshops, and classes in Ceramics, Fibre, Textiles, and Paper.

We will be able to offer an expanded amount of classes including courses and workshops in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons.There will also be the occational class/workshop on a Sunday

Kim will be teaching most of the Ceramic classes, but there will be other teachers, specialists in their fields for the other subjects. There will be skilled makers, visiting, teaching, and exhibiting as well as a residency and possible apprenticeship programmes. The different practitioners will bring what they are most passionate about in their daily practice of making and creating, with the idea of sharing their skills.

Please, if you are interested in any of these courses from August 2021, contact Kim to put your name on the course/class lists. Spaces will be limited.

You can e-mail her at: kim@kimsacks.com, or call or WhatsApp her at +27 83 3777499

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