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Current Gallery Opening Hours For June – Please be advised that the Gallery will be closed on Saturday the 26th June, 2021

I will not be in Johannesburg from Friday the 25th till Tuesday the 29th of June. In this period there will unfortunately not be anyone able to open the gallery. I will be contactable on what’s app with huge pleasure and will be happy to talk. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Due to the rise in Covid 19 cases in Johannesburg currently, I have decided not to be open all day, but rather by appointment.

I am also currently, involved in building operations on my gallery property, and am often at the gallery during the day. You are welcome to call me, and find out if I am there. I teach on a Tuesday and a Thursday mornings, and therefor am not able to open on those two days at that time. The days listed below, are the days I am happy to open by appointment, and with huge pleasure:

Monday :

Saturday: 10am – 4pm. I am able to stay later by appointment.

We are often at the gallery for longer than what is listed above. Please phone us during opening hours on 067 704 3926 (on Saturdays) or during other hours on 083 3777 499 (WhatsApp or regular mobile call) to see if we are able to open.

We are also available to open for you after-hours by appointment with pleasure.

Ceramic Classes in June and July.

We started our ceramics classes at our premises in Yeoville, at the beginning of February. We are all thrilled to be making again. There are currently classes on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9.30 – 12.30. These classes are for beginners and advanced students.


I am considering running an 8 week Wednesday morning course starting mid June. The class will run from 9.30 – 12.30. This course will only take place if we are able to fill the class. You are welcome to call me to discuss your needs.

Beginner and advanced students welcome. You will be able to either do a beginners block for 8 weeks, or as a more advanced student, choose something you would like to explore for 8 weeks. If this block of classes interests you, please e-mail or call me on what’s app and let’s see what can be arranged to suit your creative needs.

You are also welcome to check out my instagram posts: kimsacksschoolofceramics, for snippets of info and lots of images of what we are doing currently.

You are welcome to e-mail Kim and explain what your ceramic needs are, and see if she would be able to assist you in any way. You are also welcome visit the workshop/school. Prospective students different levels , both beginners and advanced students are most welcome.

Once my new teaching/making space in Parkwood is complete, there will be a once a week Wednesday evening class. We are also planning occational Saturday workshops as well, so if this interests you are welcome to put your name down on the “workshop-list”.

There will also be “workshops” run by visiting Ceramicists from around the country and even further afield. This will happen once we move from Yeoville to Parkwood.

We also welcome people, who cannot commit to ongoing classes, under the current Covid 19 season, but who you would like to come occasionally to work with clay.

If you would like to join a class either at the Yeoville premises or our new school, once it is completed, which should be in August, you can contact Kim on WhatsApp on 083 377 7499 or you can send a message via the website’s contact form.

If you need to find out more about the classes, you can either send Kim a message or have a look at the school section of the website. We also have a fabulous instagram page which is constantly being updated. #kimsacksschoolofceramics

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