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Having been situated in the heart of Johannesburg for the last 30 years – and speaking reasonable French and a smattering of a number of local languages – I have the had the privilege of having access to an extraordinary collection of wonderful traders who for one or another reason find themselves passing through “Jozi” as it is fondly referred to.

Because of my life-long passion for objects, their makers and their origins, I am constantly researching and coming upon new material that inspires me. I have for 25 years – been meeting traders on a weekly basis, sharing with them my extensive research, exchanging thoughts and observations about the constantly changing situation that we find ourselves in, in the world of collecting, on the African continent. Conversations that bring the objects that resonate with me, closer in understanding and custodianship.

Due to the fact that my interests lie in both the Contemporary Objects and pieces of Old Material Culture, I am able to acquire a very broad spectrum of beautiful pieces. The Gallery at any one time has collections and exhibitions of:

Metal Sculpture

Tribal Galleries

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