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Schalk van Niekerk


My earlies memories of woodworking was helping my father with building the cupboards and some furniture when I was a teenager. My exposure to Woodturning was at high school. I have been involved in woodworking for many years. I the early 90’s I started a furniture company specialising in bespoke furniture. I did production turning and turned bespoke one off pieces for clients. I’m a founding member of the Association of Woodturners of South Africa and a founding member of the Witwatersrand Woodturners ClubI like working with wood, as it’s warmand tactile. No two pieces are the same not even from the same tree. I enjoy the excitement of discovering what lies inside the blank I’m about to turn. Sometimes you have an idea what you want to make but the timber dictates in the end. Another gift timber has over other mediums is the smell. Every timber has its own unique smell, some more pleasant than others. The grain also has a major role to play in the beauty and allure of timber as a medium. I’m still involved in and committed to the art of woodturning as I teach and am actively involve in our local woodturners club.