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Paul Kristafor

I view my practice as a search for simplicity. I strive to recognise the forces inherent in my material which reflect the memory of a tree’s life. The history of a tree, the evidence of all that it has lived through resides in the tensions, knots, and grain patterns. As the craftsman, I attempt to create honest forms that allow this history to be honoured and revealed while distilling the complexity of the material into simple objects that evoke stillness.

Some thoughts on the piece “Mobius strip footed tray”:

In Africa, the symbolism of the three-legged pot speaks of strength and fortitude. While referencing this I wanted to make a vessel of contrasts. The feet of the vessel, while appearing fine and delicate, provide its strength and stability. Fine copper wire bridges a ragged wall crack – a reference to traditional African methods of repairing wooden vessels. The Mobius strip-like form of the vessel contains space yet allows light through the transparent sections of the wall. The roughly carved exterior contrasts the smooth, refined interior. While the curves on multiple planes create movement, overall the piece evokes stillness.