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Ronel Jordaan

Ronel Jordaan, is a textile designer and textile Artist.

“The tactile process of turning raw wool into felt forms feels to me like a homecoming; healing by nature. The process of felting- friction and fulling is a metaphor for living a full life . The softness of the wool while carding the fleece, soaking the hairs in hot soapy water, then ‘fulling” the wool to form the individual shapes reminds me of how we are changed and shaped into the beings that we are. A certain amount of friction in our lives shape us. ” 

“I am primarily a product designer, but occasionally get the chance to explore a more artistic application of felt making –Pure merino wool is my primary medium. Ordinary items used in daily life inspire me, as they trigger memories of past homes and other lives, connected by the universal human need to sit, lie down, be warm and comfortable. I am fascinated by the uplifting potential of design, and by how products can inspire change.”

My passion for facilitating change in women with limited skills living conditions,  through  creation of employment and skills transfer, is always part of my design process.  The environment and nature is a driving force behind the ethos within which I create . All my processes are eco friendly- Water is recycled, eco friendly dye’s are used and and I try and limit waste.

‘When creating a new design or art piece ,I believe that my love and respect for the process and the attention I give to each piece will have an effect the viewer . It is for me a method of reaching out to someone I have never met or spoken to and for them to know a little part of me.” 

“Botanicals”  have been intertwined with my work as nature’s forms are a constant source of expressions of thoughts . For the “Botanical” exhibition I used the leaves of Australian eucalyptus  through the media of eco printing . Leaves of plants are used to transfer the natural pigments of plants onto fabric.. The process of transferring the pigments becomes a mediation on the importance of patience, and love of nature.Water is a precious resource in South Africa, and invasive species have transformed our biosphere and drained our aquifers. Through “Botanicals” we can appreciate the great gift of nature we have all received.