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Peta Becker


For many years I painted and made drawings and etchings, never expecting to work in three dimensions, but designing plants and animals to be made by the artisans in my crochet project, Projekt has seamlessly moved me into textile sculpture.
The pieces I make, mostly large figures and succulent-filled vases are often made from unused or discarded pieces of crochet in the studio.These components combine the handwork of many artisans and combine as sculptural elements, allowing me to make fairly large works.
My ongoing focus is botanical and in the studio I create leaves, plants, flowers and vases with my sample maker, Monica Mdimutsa. This work is exploratory and intuitive, connecting with the plant kingdom from a deeply empathic place.
As we continue to discover, plants are complex and sentient organisms, silently pursuing their ancient strategies to survive and communicate with each other. Their resilience and modes of adaptation are impressive, compared to ours.They can be seen as a metaphor for life force and growth in all it’s forms. They provide some unknowable comfort and reassurance to us as humans facing relentless urbanization and alienation from the environments we create for ourselves.
My aim is not to replicate plants, but to explore their forms, colours and textures. Equally absorbing is to make textile vases to hold my plant pieces or gathered, natural plant material.

Peta Becker, November 2020