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Nindya Bucktower

Nindya Bucktowar (b. 1988 Mauritius) graduated with a Bachelor in Architectural Studies at Nelson Mandela University in 2013. Bucktowar currently lectures in the Architectural Department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and runs her own multidisciplinary design practice and ceramic business. She is the director at Nindya Ceramics and co-director of NT Design Studio, NT Leather, and Kalki Ceramics.

At the beginning of 2021 Bucktowar was selected for the RMB Talent Unlocked program in association with Everard Read and Strauss & co, where she exhibited her work at Circa Gallery in Johannesburg. Following this, her work was acquired by the FirstRand art collection. Bucktowar held her first solo exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery in August 2021. Prior
to this Bucktowar has exhibited on notable group shows at the KZNSA Gallery and African Art Centre. Collaborative projects include working with Durban Art Gallery, South African Network Cities, 100% Design, Mr Price, and Red Bull.

Artist Statement

Inspired by natural and urban landscapes, Nindya Bucktowar works with clay to investigate the fragments of these ever-morphing ecosystems. Her sculptural works bring together familiar and unfamiliar elements of our physical world, inspiring conversations about our relationship with the landscapes we inhabit.

The human species battles with change; change brings along uncertainty and fear. However, it also brings along opportunities for growth, introspection, and healing. Bucktowar chooses to work with clay as a medium; for her, it represents a connection to the earth from which to learn as explorations are made. Clay is an elemental material with an
ancestral link to our evolution as a species. Bucktowar harnesses the primal instincts of making through clay as part of an enduring human identity linking us as a species. Her concern is to share this experience and metaphorical notion with her viewers; compelling us to re-investigate our relationship with the landscapes we occupy.