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Clementina van der Walt

Supposedly it was a time for the world to recalibrate on many levels – climate, economics, health, and so on.

However, on a global level the initial shock of the pandemic has translated into much national and international greed and an illusion of life ‘returning to normal’.

Like for many many others, it has been an extremely tough and challenging 1 ½ years for my creative practice.

Whilst constantly dealing with practical and real-life obstacles, somewhere I have attempted to find a space to re-think my own direction and to find some kind of meaning in this mad, unprecedented time.

My quest has involved revisiting much work over my entire career and identifying threads that still hold relevance for me.

This resulted in a type of ‘fusion’ of many visual images and types of inspiration that have directed my aesthetic. And a more contemporary narrative has evolved.

This is an ongoing journey, and rather exciting to continue the exploration.