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Ashleigh Christelis

It’s been a strange, curious, terrifying time. Locked up in our homes and for some not being able to see loved ones. WhatsApp video calls became the ‘new normal’.

During hard lockdown my studio was out of bounds due to it being on Council grounds, so I made work at my dining room table, in fact, my dining room became my studio and my salary became zero. My creativity kicked in along with adrenalin and a sheer sense of survival and I made a collection of ‘bandage’ pots. I think the ability to create gave me an outlet and a sense of meaning in what felt like a very lonely season.

These paper porcelain vessels have been a theme for me over the past four years and are symbolic of bandaging parts of ourselves that need attention, support, and healing. This includes our planet which I feel is in desperate need of bandaging and healing!