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Kim Sacks Gallery requests the pleasure of your company at the opening of


Ceramic Vessels

Dale Lambert & Gaby Snyman


David Bellamy

Crocheted Botanical Sculptures

Peta Becker

OPENING: Saturday 9th June 2018 from 10am to 5.00pm

PREVIEW: Wed 6th June till Friday 8th June 2018 from 9am to 5.30pm

CLOSING: 30th June 2018

Dale, Peta and Gaby, will facilitate a discussion and a walk-about at 2.30 on the day the exhibition opens.

Refreshments will be served.

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Kim Sacks Gallery invites you to view an Exhibition



Marjorie Wallace, Lisa Firer, Eunice Botes
Katherine Glenday, John Shirley
Shelley Maisel, Gaby Snyman, Sandy Godwin
Katherine Glenday, Clementina van der Walt
Andrew Walford, Christina Bryer, Dale Lambert
Sandy Godwin, Kim Sacks

Textiles and Fiber

David Bellamy, Carol Nevin
Projekt, Ronel Jordan

Contemporary and Old Textiles

From Mali, Guinea,
Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Nigeria


Cathy Stanley, Maia Lehr-Sacks

OPENING: Saturday 12th November 2016 from 10am to 5.00pm

CLOSING: Saturday 14th January 2017

There will be a talk with some of the artists at 2pm on the day the exhibition opens
Refreshments will be served
Please check our website for images of objects on the exhibition

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Kim Sacks Gallery requests the pleasure
of your company at the opening of an exhibition of fine craft and artefacts


Copper-Wire Sculptures and Vessels
Lindelani and Themba Ngwenya

Plant-dyed Textiles
Ira Bekker

Copper, Brass and Silver
Baskets and Bracelets by Threads of Africa

Contemporary Pieces of Fine Craft as well as an Exquisite
Collection of Old Museum Quality Artefacts
Baskets - Textiles - Matts - Head-pieces
From the African Continent

OPENING: Saturday 20th August 2016 from 10am to 5.00pm

PREVIEW: Wed 17th till Friday 19th August 2016 from 9am to 5.30pm

CLOSING: Saturday 5th September 2016

Refreshments will be served all through the day
Please check our website for images of objects on the exhibition

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An Exhibition of Ceramics by

OPENING: Saturday 10th Octiber 2015 - 10am to 5pm

PREVIEW: Wednesday 7th till Friday 10th of October 2015 - 9am to 6pm

CLOSING: Wednesday 11th November 2015

Charmaine will conduct a walk-about and there will be a discussion
at 2.30pm on the day the exhibition opens. Refreshments will be served.

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Katherine Glenday, Ian Garrett, Thembi Nala,
Louise Gelderblom, Paul de Jongh, Nina Shand,
Alessandro Pappada, Aliza Sholk, Anthony Shapiro,
Carolyn Heydenrych, Clementina van der Walt,
Dale Lambert, Elke Martens, Eunice Botes, Gillian Fuller,
Gina Niederhumer, Heather Mills, John Shirley,
Kaross, Kim Sacks, Lisa Firer, Lynn Eppel,
Mathiba Molefe Simelane, Sandy Godwin,
Projekt with Peta Becker, Allan Schwarz,
Pauline Irvine, Lameck Tayengwa, Monkeybiz,
David Clark-Brown, Maia Lehr-Sacks,
Art in the Forest, Lauren Kaplan, JP Meyer

An Exhibition of Ceramics, Paper, Fibre, Wood, Cloth, Beads and Metal.

OPENING: Saturday 6th June 2015 - 10am to 5pm

CLOSING: Saturday 4th July 2014

There will be a walk-about and a discussion with some of the Artists and Makers
at 2.30pm on the afternoon of the Opening. Refreshments will be served.

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A Collection of Exquisite objects
from The African Continent
Cutting edge Contemporary - Fine Design.
Old pieces from far-away places, lost in time, but not in memory.

Textiles, Coverings, Furniture, Bowls, Cloths, Adornment, Eating Utensils,
Sculptures and Objects made to enhance the Every-day and the Sacred.

They capture our imagination – We celebrate the sensitive creative spirit
that resides in these breath-taking objects.

OPENING: Saturday 4th October 2014 - 10am to 5pm

CLOSING: Saturday 18th October 2014

Refreshments and walk-about at 2.30pm on the day of the opening.

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  An exhibition of ceramics by


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our
exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the
place for the first time."

T.S. Elliot "Little Gidding"

OPENING: Saturday 30th November 2013 - 10am to 6pm

PREVIEW DAYS: Wednesday 27th November - Friday 29th November 2013 - 9am to 6pm - Daily

The exhibition will close on Wednesday 15th January 2014.

Kim and Clementina
will partake in a walk-about and discussion at 2.30pm
on the day the exhibition opens.

Refreshments will be served.

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The Earth is Watching Us

"Still, the dark red, orange, umber, or mineral landscape
stretches before us like the foreshadowing of a vision.
The burnished terracotta of the pots reflects the light.
The texture of each vessel's surface is equal to our
own. For the earth is watching us...the hands that
moulded it have left their imprints."

Nimrod Lian

An exhibition of ceramics by


Vessels and Bracelets Woven in Copper, Silver and Brass by


With Photographs by


OPENING: Saturday 2nd November 2013 - 10am to 6pm

PREVIEW: Wednesday 30th October - Friday 1st November 2013 - 10am to 5pm

The exhibition will close on Monday 17th November 2013.

Christina Bryer and Julia Meintjes
will partake in a walk-about and discussion


Threads of Africa Weavers will be weaving on the opening day.

There will be tea and a discussion/walk-about at 3.00pm
on the day the exhibition opens.

Refreshments will be served.

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Four Ceramicists


An exhibition of ceramics by


OPENING: Saturday 17th November 2012 - 10am to 5pm
PREVIEW: Friday 16th November 2012 - 10am to 5pm

The exhibition will close on Saturday 5th January 2013.

There will be a Walk-About and a Small Talk on the day of the opening at 2.30 p.m.
John Shirley and Carolyn Heydenrych will conduct the Walk-About.

Refreshments will be served.

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An exhibition of ceramics by three women who have a creative connection to Denmark


Clementina Van Der Walt
Priscilla Mouritzen
Kim Sacks

OPENING: Saturday 15th September 2012 - 10am to 5pm
PREVIEW: Friday 14th September 2012 - 10am to 5pm

The exhibition closed on Monday 8th October 2012.

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Cloth & Clay

Aboubakar and Katherine

Saturday 19th May 2012 - 10am till 5pm - Saturday 16th June 2012

Aboubakar Fofana and Katherine Glenday have had several creative engagements over the past years, sharing their respective mastery and cultural fascination with cloth and clay and their relationship to the earth and the continent they originate from. 

Aboubakar has worked with indigo and textile design and has studied calligraphy from many cultures. He is a master dyer and his work is shown from Japan to America. He is currently working on collections for a New York based fashion house while the the Museum of Art and Design have his work in their permanent collection. He teaches master classes in calligraphy in Paris. 

Aboubakar's Work  |  Aboubakar's Profile

Katherine’s work has been exhibited since 1983. It can be found in many public collections in South Africa and she has won many major awards for her work. It is also included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design in New York. 

Like Aboubakar she has explored her material for thirty years and has an expertise with porcelain that is unparalled. Her engagement with collaborations between artists and musians and dancers, and her interest in drawing connections between people and their practice is what has inspired this exhibition.

Katherine's Work  |  Katherine's Profile


An exhibition of exquisite objects
made for contemplation,
ceremony or for every-day use.

OPENING: Saturday 3rd December 2011 - 10am to 5pm
The exhibition will close at the end of January 2012. 

Exhibiting Artists

Katherine Glenday - David Walters - Hennie Meyer - Ralph Johnson
Kim Sacks - Paul de Jongh - Lisa Ringwood - Heather Mills - Sarah Walters
Carolyn Heydenrych - John Newdigate - Christo Giles - Loren Kaplan
Mish Middlemann - Nina Shand - Hylett Engelbrecht - Clementina van der Walt
Heartworks - Noleen Read – Karen Kotze – Tania Babb – Andrew Walford

Tea  is a drink that dates back across the centuries, forming part of the history of five continents,  each country - over time, developing it’s own rituals and adapting the beverage to suit it’s own tastes.

Good for the mind and good for the body, tea has always enjoyed an image of purity and serenity.  During the last twenty years or so – we have, in fact, witnessed not only a growing trend among Westerners to “rediscover” this drink, but also among the people of Asia, and among the Japanese in particular.  Tea, with its regional roots and cultural associations, reflects both ancient and modern values.

There are many countries all over the world – from Asia to Africa that tea is an everyday drink and, in some cases, has been for centuries.  In others, though, it has only been drunk for a hundred years or so...

A spiritual beverage associated with Buddhism in China, it’s country of origin, tea went on to conquer all the continents of the world, becoming a drink to be shared and given in hospitality.

Whatever the country, whether consumer or producer, tea has been absorbed into it’s tradition and now forms part of the collective memory of the people as if it had always been there.  Each country has also developed its own conventions for drinking tea and adapted it to suit the local palate – thus providing an opportunity for a wonderful journey of discovery for the senses across the continents.

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Three Women

Catherine, Heather and Lisa request the pleasure of your company
at the opening of an exhibition of recent ceramic works.

There will be a discussion and a “walk-about” at 3pm
on the day the exhibition opens.
Refreshments will be served.

OPENING: Saturday 6th August 2011 - 10am to 5pm
PREVIEW: Friday 5th August 2011 - 10am to 5pm

Clementina van der Walt - From the Table, to the Wall, and Back.

Clementina van der Walt requests the pleasure of your company
at the opening of an exhibition of recent ceramic works.

There will be a discussion and a “walk-about” at 3pm on the day the exhibition opens. Refreshments will be served.

This exhibition will run for the month of October.

OPENING: Saturday 1st October 2011 - 10am to 5pm
PREVIEW: Friday 30th September 2011 - 10am to 5pm



"The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops."
Samuel Beckett (Pozzo in Waiting for Godot)

A search for life‘s meaning is what has driven me to make and investigate the ceramic discipline over the past 38 years
And yet, more than ever, I have fewer answers now to either the meaning or the discipline..

I seem to flit around with various techniques and styles, striving somehow to find my own pitch. This manifests in what may appear as a somewhat schizophrenic approach to my work.

For my show at the Kim Sacks Gallery I have made a diverse repertoire of ceramic pieces.

Inspired by my exhibition in Dec 2010 at The Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town, I have made a dinner table setting where I have interpreted some of Irma Stern‘s portraits on small plates. Here I use a majolica glaze with in-glaze painting and soft earthy colours which create a painterly watercolour effect.

This idea of portraiture on ceramics developed further, culminating in a series of female creative icons of the 20th Century such as Virginia Woolf, Frida Kahlo and others.

Still fascinated by faces, and parallel to the above, I have created a wall installation of ‘pop art‘ like stylised faces in bright colours and bold flat graphic markings using underglaze colours and transparent glazes,

Other wall pieces on show - composite tile installations - include an Adam and Eve depiction, and an exploration of 2 of Samuel Beckett’s plays – Waiting for Godot, and Happy Days.

From the wall back to the table – a number of individual utilitarian pieces where I use bright graphic underglaze colours and simple linear shapes – bowls, cups and platters. Somehow I am still always drawn back to tableware. For it is in the utensils that we use on a daily basis that we are reminded of nourishment and gratitude. I would like to think that some of the users of my ceramic forms have been enriched in their daily lives with joy and aesthetic pleasure and awareness.

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