Kim Sacks - Exhibitions


The Gallery mounts 5 exhibitions annually.
The exhibitions are very diverse in their content:

An individual Maker, exhibiting a body of work,
Group exhibitions with a particular theme,
Exhibitions of Contemporary
Folk and Tribal Art
The gallery is a building with a number of display spaces attached to a central exhibition space.

What this means to our guests, is that at any given time, there is more than one individual exhibit to see. The peripheral spaces are changing displays of the Artists and Makers we represent, on an ongoing basis, exhibiting their current pieces. There is a ceramic room, a space which houses a huge selection of textiles, contemporary and Tribal, another section which is a mixture of Old Tribal pieces of furniture, baskets and Artifacts, and a jewellery case with old tribal and contemporary silver pieces.

In Winter we have an area with a blazing log fire, where visitors drink copious cups of hot beverages and get involved in whatever conversations happen to be happening around the table... or find quietness paging through a book from our library.

In the Summer, there is the terrace, at the back of the gallery, which gives one the distinct feeling that one is in some very far off, remote place, filled with African pots, and hand-made furniture, fishing-baskets, lots of plants and a sense of total tranquility. There is even Internet access on this terrace, where visitors can sip tea from hand-made cups and either relax and take a moment to savor the quietness or to answer a pressing e-mail.

There is also a small section of the gallery dedicated to Books, Catalogues, Music and Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap and other unusual things that are not available at larger more commercial outlets .