Kim Sacks - Shool of Ceramics


 August 2018

I am offering limited spaces for the school-holidays in August, twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday morning (for a period of 3 hours) for learners who are interested in exploring making things with clay.  Please feel free to contact me either by phone or by e-mail if you would like to know more about these lessons.

Throwing Course

 Learning to make beautiful Pots and Vessels, on a Potter‘s Wheel as well as a Beginner's  Course in Hand-Building.  Classes and Courses starting at the beginning and the middle of August  2018 and are ongoing throughout the year.

It is with great excitement – that I offer a series of lessons/workshops (beginner and master-classes) in the wonderfully medative pursuit of throwing clay forms on the potters wheel.

It is a wonderful skill to have and one that often frustrates people who are new to clay, but if taught with patience and the correct attitude, a hugely gratifying experience. Working on the wheel is a very medative and sensual experience and obviously – once one achieves excellence in this area, the pleasure of having a row of exquisitely fine vessels, is just magical...... and awe-inspiring.


A Beginner's Course in Handwork,  will commence at the beginning of each calendar month, till the end of 2018. The minimum time that a student could think of taking a very basic series of lessons, would be for 8 weeks and preferably twice a week. (But it that's not possible, once a week would surfice.)   If you would like to talk to Kim or come and visit our school and see if what we do appeals to you - please e-mail or call me to make an appointment. . I will also be offering instruction in Decorating, Sculpture, Glaze making and Porcelain - from the beginning of February 2018 till the end of November 2018.  There are limited places available.  The classes will take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday morning from 9.30 - 12.30.  We will also be preparing work for a Raku Workshop - that will take place with Paul de Jongh later in  (a date yet to be decided ) 2018.  So there is alot happening.  If you would like to discuss what you would like to persue for the coming year, it would be a huge pleasure to discuss what you would like to explore.

If you are a person studying and want to only come during the school or university holidays - give me a call - that is also possible. There are no classes during December and January of every year.

I also am open to students who are visititing South Africa for a limiated period - coming to the workshop and taking a series of classes   This option is not always available - as it depands on the availability of places -but  by talking to Kim as to what is possible at any given time - opens the door to all sorts of creative possibilities.  Just because you are a working person, for instance - does not exclude you from working with clay.  I believe that everyone, who feels inclined, should explore what clay has to offer us.  I love being a facilitator with that kind of unique process.  Come and try - You are most welcome.